MyAARP rewards for goods

What are AARP rewards for good?

The AARP rewards for good is a program that provides you the access to tools and resources on the official website of AARP. You can get access to the official tools of AARP using the reward points. You can get more amount of reward points by spending more time on AARP website. The Myaarpmedicare is also based on this.

You can use the AARP rewards point to buy your desired products from the website of AARP.

Rules to get AARP rewards points

Before you start to collect your AARP rewards points, you must be aware of the rules that you need to follow during the process.

The first criteria to earn AARP rewards points is age factor. To earn AARP rewards points you must be above the age of 18. By involving in the earn activities the members of the AARP can earn 50 points. Similarly, if you are not the member of AARP then you can earn points by creating the account in the website. The similar criteria apply to Myaarpmedicare.

How to collect rewards?

The steps that you need to follow to collect your AARP rewards are as follows.


  • At first, you need to open the website and log into it
  • After you log into the website, you can earn the rewards points by searching the earn activities
  • Being on the website of AARP, you can easily earn reward points for goods by various means
  • You can earn the reward points by quizzes, good badge, tools, webinars and many other ways
  • The rewards for goods are specially designed to enhance your lifestyle.

How can you redeem the AARP rewards points?

Now that you have collected the rewards points, you need to redeem them. In order to redeem or use the collected reward points, you need to follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you will have to go to the good reception website to redeem the rewards
  • There you can see many ways to redeem your reward points
  • You will have to combine the redeem rewards with your account balance. This will help you to save money when you make any purchase through the website

After the redemption of your rewards, you can save money while purchasing products from the website.

How to see my earned rewards points?

The AARP rewards points that you have earned will be visible on the top of the webpage of AARP. You will also be notified through mails about the reward points that you earn and redeem.

What are the limitations of earning the reward points?

You can only earn the reward points under some limitations. The limitation is 5000 reward points per day. This daily reward points don’t include other points including the AARP registration reward points, Fitbit goals reward points, and other bonus reward points.

In the same way, you can also donate your reward points to the foundation if you wish.